IMFX collection - Lensflare v2 released.


  1. Anonymous6/8/13 02:12

    But can we disable lensflare?
    I don't like that because you wouldn't see it with the naked eye but only through a camera lense.

  2. Anonymous8/8/13 02:24

    Sorry I know this is not the right place for this, but I like to talk about your imvehft update, in the mission reuniting the families(the motel one if i'm right) if you shoot the driver in police car, game will crash, then I install the old version and the game works again... could you see if I'm right please? I really want to use your updated version

  3. Looks amazing. But the lens flare still appears when it rains. D:

  4. @Anonymous8/8/13 02:24
    Yes, I know about this bug. It was fixed in last, (still) non-released version.

  5. Anonymous10/8/13 13:28

    Is there a way to edit the moon phases?

  6. Anonymous12/8/13 20:16

    Hey, thanks for answer about that bug:D, another question for you: Do you think you can do rain drops textures over the car in rain weather to be used with imvehft? just like the dirt textures but like water drops, I saw a car with a paintjob that looks a lot like rain drops...and then I wonder if it is possible.

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  9. Dk22pac!

    Hey! can you make a mod?

    Somethin' like
    a Tire Effect
    i'm talkin' about
    the Burnout effect from NFS

    a Smoke around the Tires

  10. Anonymous11/4/15 12:36

    Some guns like the pistol don't have a muzzle effect, only smoke. Is there a fix for this?

  11. Anonymous19/7/18 21:52

    can you fix the moon for better skybox?
    sun is working fine but moon is not showing anywhere.
    and i have suggestion, please add some light texture for moon