All In One Mod?

I'm currently work on some mod where I want to put some of my previous works.
Currently done:
-Lensflare v.2.0
-Moonphases v.2.0
-Proportional Coronas
Want to add in future:
-Blood Spots 3.0
-Roadsign text

And maybe more...


  1. Anonymous26/5/13 02:24

    Would be nice if everything can be controlled via config file.
    Maybe you can make Roadsign text not using the texture from particle.txd

  2. Great to hear. You never released the Gunflash mod, right?

    And I second the config file idea that allows you to turn some of them on/off.

  3. Anonymous7/6/13 15:41

    Could you include the numberplate as well? I know you have it with ImVehFt; but there seems to be only hi-poly vehicles being adapted for ImVehFt, so seems a waste to use such a big/complex mod for one small feature?

  4. Дим, когда же ждать нам сее чудо?

  5. could you make blood spots for cj / peds body? if any ped / cj get hurmed by gun fire or road accident, blood will visiable on his body!!! i think it could be more realistic gameplay...sorry for bad english...

  6. Just came here to say... thanks you! for all the mods you did to GTA SA ^^

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  8. Anonymous12/7/17 18:57

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