ImVehLM => ImVehM ?

Since me and izerli united our works, I think that project name should be changed...
Improved Vehicles Mod? Or what do you think? Any other ideas? Post in comments :)


  1. Anonymous29/9/12 00:00

    Improved Vehicle Mechanics Mod
    Enhanced Vehicle Behaviour
    Enhanced Vehicle Control

    Just some suggestion I came up with...

  2. Sooo.. its not just limited to lights now ? I knew you where talkin' bout improving the vehicles shadows is well, is that still happening?

  3. when i created the 307cc BMS Edition, i called this "Multifunctional", but honestly, i never liked the name...
    "Multifunctional Cars Plugin"? bah...

    "Enhanced Vehicle Control" is the best

    and i wanted to know how to have a contact with you, because what you said about this mod was not very clear for me
    and i am intending to learn C++, may even take a while but apparently not a problem right?
    i really am interested in creating "multifunctional" cars, and like your project! i hope everything goes well

  4. Anonymous29/9/12 23:59

    Oh, and while thinking of name, I thought of one, really great feature which should be included in this plug-in: Correct entering for RHD cars. I guess you know how those work...

    But I'll explain anyway, just in case.
    When getting in, from left side, player jumps straight to the right side, and when entering from right side, player jumps on left seat AND proceeds to jump one more seat to the left. It should be reversed, and checked somehow. How about, if car model has dummy, for example "IsRHD", then the script makes animations to play in reverse or similar, and that way fix the problem?

    Or, better idea as reversing animations can be quite though, just use animations that have been "mirrored".

  5. I have some idea dk22, sounds of air brakes for trucks, and the sound of bullet shells hitting the floor. and also sounds indicators cars, sounds upshift. all these sounds extracted from gta iv, the file resident.ivaud.

  6. Anonymous1/10/12 17:55

    Improved Vehicle Features

    1. Anonymous2/10/12 17:06

      Thanks, even though it seems to me this mod will mostly ADD features instead of improving existing ones.

      Hope it still makes sense.

    2. Guess what, this title is used.

  7. Some awesome names coming through ..

    I think the 'Improved Vehicles Features' is a great name.

    Also, the feature requests by Morrigan and Anonymous (about entering from Right Hand Drive) are very very good, and hope they are included.

  8. Make a mod for working car mirrors and electronic speedometer working like the dash of the Formula 1 cars

  9. Vehicles? i see you just do this on cars only.

  10. Anonymous6/10/12 12:29

    I got one little suggestion, about steering...

    I think it would be nice addition, if you hold your A (turn left key), then the wheel is slowly turned to the left, and when you won't anymore press it, it'll slowly come back to center. But, while it's turned to the left, and you press D (turn right key), it'll turn faster to the right. And of course, car movement would be dependant from the angle of wheels.

    Possible? :)

    1. this mod already exist, but keyboard will never drive good like that, sorry.

  11. @methodunderg yes... We have already speed spoilers and steering. About shadows, I don't work on them, but I keep the idea of shadow map in SA in mind...
    @Anonymous we haven't time to play with ped animations...
    @Morrigan Aensland sounds? Maybe later...
    @Harman Sktr it works on bikes and quads too.
    @Anonymous nothing is possible... Idk if we'll have time for this...
    Notice we want to make elecrical window and emergency lights system too.
    So, Improved Vehicle Features? Okay...

  12. Anonymous8/10/12 21:11

    Yeah, I won!

  13. I have a suggestion for how to do car windows being destroyed just like the windshield I know adapt vehicles for vehicle-related scripts, read with ZModeler some time, I adapted several cars originas script for dashboard active Izerli

  14. hey eu acho que deveria ter um TUTORIAL mostrando como se fazer carros compativeis com o ImvehLm , ai agente baixaria os carros e adapitamos nos mesmos ;D o que acham?

  15. hey eu acho que deveria ter um TUTORIAL mostrando como se fazer carros compativeis com o ImvehLm , ai agente baixaria os carros e adapitamos nos mesmos ;D o que acham?

  16. please make video tutorial in english :D