Improved Vehicle Lights Mod - Full Release in January

The Improved Vehicle Lights Mod, started at the end of October, is still in developing. At this time the progress is:
-white backlights - 100% (ASI plugin)
-fog lights - 10% (ASI plugin)
-turnlights - 95% (CLEO script)
In all, that modification is ready on ~50% for this time. So I think it will be finished in next month.
Turnlights are based on Den_spb's turnlights_v2.
Volvo by alexey on this ^^ screen


  1. please realease this

  2. B3zK from Poland25/4/12 00:40

    We have April, and the mod still does not release.

  3. My game crash when I go out from a house, please help me, write me in

  4. Anonymous3/7/14 04:29
    i need it in if available please